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AHAS Deaf Link Logo: green and navy blue overlapping hand, eye, and ear.

AHAS™ Accessible Hazard Alert System

Deaf Link AHAS™ provides Emergency Management the capability of including persons who are Deaf, Blind, Hard of Hearing or Deaf/Blind and persons with low literacy into emergency preparedness before, during and after a disaster.

AHAS™ sends accessible alerts to internet and video capable devices such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and wireless Braille readers.

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How Does AHAS™ Work?

AHAS™ alerts are created in American Sign Language (ASL) video (broadcast ready), English voice and text. An optional Spanish voice and text translation is available. 


The AHAS™ system is a proprietary, sole source technology developed by Deaf Link to help Emergency Management meet ADA requirements for providing equal and effective communication of emergency information.


AHAS™ can work in conjunction with existing text based notification systems used by agencies to send public facing alerts and information.


Let AHAS™ help you do what no other notification system can, “include the whole community”.

AHAS™ Specifications & Requirements

AHAS™ alerts are formatted to be accessible in:
  • Text

  • Braille

  • American Sign Language

  • Voice

  • Foreign Languages

AHAS™ alerts can be received on:
  • Cell Phones

  • Tablets

  • Computers

  • Braille Compatible Devices