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Accessible Video Production (AVP)

Accessible Video Productions leverage your organization's existing documents, training material, or workshops to enhance communication between you and the deaf community. Employee manuals, standardized questionnaires and web content are just a few xamples of information that is easily translated into American Sign Language (ASL) and delivered over a video monitor or web page. 

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How Does AVP Work?

Since the content in this type of material rarely changes, PRI is generally a one-time cost that enhances your organization's ability to provide services and support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Deaf Link's video production department uses state of the art equipment and software to produce effective, creative and accessible videos for your organization. Videos can be rendered to suit your requirements all the way from Broadcast to web quality and in any file format. Deaf Link's certified interpreters can easily turn any of your organization's content into readily accessible video clips that can be viewed by your employees and customers. Please contact us for an estimate on converting your organization's content into ASL.

AVP Specifications & Requirements

Our accessible videos are formatted to be accessible in:
  • Text

  • Braille

  • American Sign Language

  • Voice

  • Foreign Languages

Our accessible videos can be received on:
  • Cell Phones

  • Tablets

  • Computers

  • Braille Compatible Devices